ACTIVITY 2.1: Application of data fusion techniques on Activity 1.1 results and territorial variables for production of daily maps, with high spatial resolution (500m2-1km2), of different pollutants and meteorological parameters for Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Puglia and Sicily, for the years 2013-2015. This activity will also be carried outin collaboration with ARIANET, the private society referred to in Activity 1.1, since the results are based on those obtained therein.

ACTIVITY 2.2: Collection of daily mortality datafor natural, cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, renal, metabolic and mental causes, in the five identified regions for the years 2006-2015.

ACTIVITY 2.3: Assessment of the effects of air pollutants and air temperature on daily mortality due to natural, cardio-respiratory, neurological, renal, metabolic and mental causes in the five identified regions, and stratifying municipalities according on the population density.