ACTIVITY 3.1: Developmentof air pollutants concentration maps at census-block level by means of data fusion techniques based on numerical models simulations at metropolitan level, on observed data of pollutants concentration provided by monitoring stations and on territorial data, in six cities: Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Bari and Palermo. Models of transport and chemical reaction of substances in aerosol and gaseous phase are used, powered by prognostic meteorological models acting at increasing spatial scales (regional, urban) with parametrizations for the urban scale.

ACTIVITY 3.2: Collection of data on population distribution with high spatial and temporal resolution derived from mobile phone data for the six metropolitan areas in 2015.

ACTIVITY 3.3: Use of population data from Activity 3.2 and of results from Activity 3.1 for the estimation of population mobility within different urban contexts, maps of exposure to atmospheric pollutants, effects of mobile phone use on the risk of road accidents, in a representative metropolitan area.

ACTIVITY 3.4: Collection of data on daily mortality due to natural, cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, renal, metabolic and mental causes, for five out of six metropolitan areas identified, at census-block level and for the years 2006-2015.

ACTIVITY 3.5: Assessment of joint short and long term health effects of different air pollutants on mortality at census-block level, in the five metropolitan areas analysed in Activity 3.4.

ACTIVITY 3.6: Assessment of the risks of work injuriesin six metropolitan areas at census-block level, using INAIL databases, in relation to exposure to extreme temperatures and air pollutants levels.