ACTIVITY 5.1: Establishment of the Steering Committee (SC) and the Project Committee (PC). The SC consists of representativesof CNR-IBIM (Project Coordinator), DIP-EPI (partner, scientific co-responsible of the Project) and DIMEILA (INAIL DEPARTMENT), and it has the role of leading and monitoring the activities for the whole project duration. The second committee, the PC, consists of at least one member for each of the project's partners, and it is constantly consultedfor all the project activities through periodic meetings, as detailed below in Activity 5.8.

ACTIVITY 5.2: Organization of three project meetings (kick-off, end of first year, final). The kick-off and final meetings are organized by INAIL DIMEILA, while the meeting at the end of the first year is organized by CNR-IBIM.

ACTIVITY 5.3: Organization of a mid-term workshop by CNR-IBIM, open to both project partners and the external public.

ACTIVITY 5.4: Organization of a final conference by INAIL DIMEILA, open to both project partners and the external public.

ACTIVITY 5.5: Organization of a training course, by DIP EPI, on the methodologies used in the project, open to experts from different research fields.

ACTIVITY 5.6: Organization of a satellite course within the Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Epidemiology (AIE) in 2018, by DIP EPI (in collaboration with DASOE), for the dissemination of the project main methods, results and data to the Italian epidemiological community.

ACTIVITY 5.7: Establishment of two panels of experts: an international one (3 members, "external advisory board"), and a national one (10 members, "national advisory board").

ACTIVITY 5.8: Monitoring of the project activities progress, with quarterly teleconferences. Members of the two committees, referred to in Activity 5.1,will be invited to participatein the teleconferences: the Steering Committee and the Project Committee.

ACTIVITY 5.9: Other communication activities. They include: the development of a website for the dissemination of project methods / results / data; distribution of newsletters to a wide list of national project stakeholders; participation of the project members in national and international conferences, where the last project results are presented; project promotion through the Italian journal “Epidemiology & Prevention” (EP).